Dhanwardhini Deposit Scheme

Invest monthly and become lakhpati on maturity.

  1. Minimum amount of monthly installment is Rs. 1200/- and in multiples of Rs. 1200/- thereafter.
  2. The deposit is accepted for a period of 67 months only
  3. Monthly installment amounts cannot be changed and TDS is not applicable on recurring deposits.
  4. The depositor cannot change monthly installments during the pendency of deposit.
  5. The depositor is required to first pay monthly installments within the next calendar month of opening the account. Subsequent installments should be paid within next month.
  6. A passbook is given to the depositor for having opened a Dhanwardhini deposit account incorporating all particulars. Payment of subsequent installments is also recorded in the passbook.
  7. The depositor can give standing instructions for the transfer of periodical monthly installments from an operative account.


*The details of Dhanwardhini  scheme is as follows

Sr.no. Dhanwardhini  installment Your principle investment Interest after maturity value After 66 month maturity value
1 1200 79200 26438 105638
2 2400 158400 52876 211276
3 3600 237600 79314 316914
4 4800 316800 105752 422552
5 6000 396000 1321920 528190