Revised Service Charges applicable from 01/09/2022:

1) Saving Bank Account :


Sr. No. Particulars Charges for below minimum balance


Minimum balance without Cheque book  Rs.500/-

Minimum Balance with cheque book facility Rs.1,000/-

15% of shrotfall (Plus GST) (per incident)

15% of shrotfall (Plus GST) (per incident)

c) 1) Duplicate passbook charges


c) Cheque book charges Rs.2/- per leaf  (GST Extra)



2)  Current Account :


a) Continuously Minimum Balance of Rs.5000/- No Cheque book charges


b) Minimum Balance Rs.5,000/- If balance below minimum then, charges 15% of Short fall (plus GST) per incident
c) Balance below the average balance Balance of account is under the minimum balance in the month.  Charges of Rs.5/- per cheque are applicable in that particular month only.
Cheque book charges Rs.3/- per leaf  (GST Extra)

3) Cheque Collection (Outside station cheque Collection) Service Charges :


Sr. No. Particulars Charges (Including GST)
1 Upto Rs.10,000/- Rs.59/- (Not exceeding Rs.50/- per cheque)
2 Rs.10,001/- to Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.118/- (Not exceeding Rs.100/- per cheque)
3 Rs.1,00,001/- and above Rs.177/- (Not exceeding Rs.150/- per cheque)
No Courier / postage / any other fees should be charged on the above charges


4) Cheque Return Charges :


Sr.No. Particular Charges of Rs.0.00
1 Outward Clearing Cheque return Rs.300/- + GST
2 Inward Clearing Cheque return Rs.300/- + GST
3 Cheque return for sent to Collection Rs.300/- + GST
4 ECS  Return Rs.300/- + GST
5 Stop Payment charges (Per cheque ) Rs.200/- + GST


Cheque book facility –

  1. Cheque book charges Rs.2/- per leaf (plus GST)
  2. Account Statement- per page Rs.5/- (Plus GST)
  3. Incidental Charges (Account maintenance charges / SMS Facility / E-mail statement facility) (Quarterly)
    1. a) Saving Bank Account- Per quarter Rs.30/- (Plus GST)
    2. b) CC/ OD / Current Account – Par quarter Rs.100/- (Plus GST)



Sr.No. Particular Charges of Rs.0.00
1 Upto Rs.1,000/- Rs.20/- + GST
2 Rs.1001 to Rs.5000/- Rs.30/- + GST
3 Rs.5001 to Rs.10000/- Rs.40/- + GST
4 Rs.10,001/- and above Rs/50/- + Rs.5/- per thousand + GST   upto max 25000/-
5 Duplicate PO /DD Rs 100/-
Sr. No. Particular Charges of Rs.0.00
1 Turn over above 5 times of Cash Credit Limit No Service Charges
2 Use <75% Utilization of Cash credit limit

(Unutilized fund)

*Note: Sanction limit  10 lakh or more


2.00% on unutilized limit
3 Cash Credit Service Charges Rs.200/- plus GST (yearly)
Sr. No. Particular Charges of Rs.0.00
1 Upto Rs.25,000/- Rs.250/-
2 Rs.25,001 to Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.500/-
3 Above Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.500/- and  Rs.200/- for per lakh or part of that (Maximum Rs.25,000/-)


8) No Dues Certificate                          Rs.50/- Plus GST



Sr. No. Particular Charges of Rs.0.00
1 Upto Rs.50,000/-
2 Rs.50,001/- to Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.500/- + GST
3 Rs.1,00,001 to Rs.5,00,000/- Per Lakh Rs.500/- + GST
4 Above Rs.50.00 Lakh (All other loans) Rs.50,000/- + GST
Housing Loan above Rs.50.00 Lakh Per Lakh Rs.500/- but maximum of Rs.25,000/- + GST
5 Renewal of Sanctioned CC Limit 50% of above mentioned charges + GST
6 Vehicle 1.00 To 5.00 Lakh–   500/-

5.01 To 10 Lakh–1000/-

10.01 To 15 Lakh–2000/-

15.01 To 30 Lakh–5000/-



Sr. No. Particular Charges of Rs.0.00
a Inward No Charges
b Outward
Upto Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.5/- + GST
Rs.1,00,001/- to Rs.2,00,000/- Rs.15/- + GST
Above Rs.2,00,000/- Rs.25/- + GST
Sr. No. Particular Charges of Rs.0.00
a Inward No Charges
b Outward
Rs.2,00,000/- to Rs.5,00,000/- Rs.25/- + GST
Above Rs.5,00,000/- Rs.50/- + GST

CIBIL & CERSAI charges applicable for loan amount above Rs.1.00 Lakh


Sr. No. Particulars of Loan Type of Account holder Chares

(including GST)

Account Head
1 Term Loan (Secured) (Housing / Vehicle / Mortgatge / OD / CC Loan) Personal / Proprietorship firm 70/- 200/- P&L-CIBIL & CERSAI Charges
2 Company / Partnership firm 1700/-
  1. NFS Charges :
    1. Financial Charges : Rs.21/- (Plus GST)
    2. Non Financial Charges : Rs.21/-(Plus GST)
  2. Annual Charges :
    1. Platinum Card : Rs.150/- (Plus GST)
  3. Lost Card : Rs.300/- (Plus GST)
  4. Re- Pin Charges Rs.50/-(Plus GST)
  1. Two Wheeler : Rs.50/-
  2. Three Wheeler : Rs.100/-
  3. Four Wheeler & Others : Rs.200/-
Bank Guarantee Commission Rs.200/- + 3% of Bank Guarantee amount + GST
Token lost by Customer Rs.500/-
Duplicate FDR Rs.200/-
Duplicate Pay Order / DD Rs.100/-
Balance / Interest Certificate No charges