Operational Charges

1 Cheque Book
a for Saving Bank A/c (21 Pages Cheque book) 30.00 (Quarterly ) + 18% GST
For Saving/Current / CC a/c (51 Pages Cheque book) 100.00 + 18% GST
b Extra Cheque book Charges for Saving A/c
For Urban Area 100.00
For Semi-Urban, Rural 50.00
c at the time of a/c close : unused cheques charges
For Saving Bank a/c Rs.2 per cheque
For Current / CC a/c Rs.3 per cheque

20) Cheque book facility –

  1. Cheque book charges Rs.2/- per leaf (plus GST)
  2. Account Statement- per page Rs.5/- (Plus GST)
  3. Incidental Charges (Account maintenance charges / SMS Facility / E-mail statement facility) (Quarterly)
  4. Saving Bank Account- Per quarter Rs.30/- (Plus GST)
  5. CC/ OD / Current Account – Par quarter Rs.100/- (Plus GST)
2 A/c Statement
a for Saving A/c –  Duplicate passbook Rs.75/- per financial year
b and for a/c statement for SB a/c Rs.10/- Per page
c For Current / CC a/c- Monthly a/c statement Nil
but for second copy Rs.20 per page
d For Term loan a/c statement- once in a year Nil
but for second copy Rs.10 per page
3 Commission on DD / TT / MT / and Pay Order +18% GST ADDED
a upto Rs.1,000/- Rs.20/-
Rs.1,001/- to Rs.5,000/- Rs.30/-
Rs.5,001/- to Rs.10,000/- Rs.40/-
Above Rs.10,001/- Rs.50/-  +   Rs.5/- per thousand (for above Rs.10,000/-)
b for TT – as above plus Rs.100/- for Phone & Fax charges
c MA Scheme- 50 % charges of other banks (as per adjustment) and 50 % charges of our bank commission
d For DD / TT / MT – as above
e If no adjustment with other banks, then as per rule
h Cheque Collection Charges : +18GST ADDED
Outstation Cheque collection Commission
1 upto Rs.10,000/- not more than Rs.59/-
2 Rs.10,001/- to Rs.1,00,000/- not more than Rs.118/-
3 above Rs.1,00,001/- not more than Rs.177/-
I Cheque Return Charges    
1 Outward Clearing Cheque return (Saving / Current / CC)  Rs.200/-
2 Inward Clearing Cheque return (Saving / Current / CC)  Rs.200/-
3 Cheque return- sending for colletion (OBC)  Rs.200/-
4 Inward Clearing Cheque return- ECS / MICR / Non- MICR  Rs.200/-
5 Check – Stop Payment Charges Per Insrument  Rs.100/-
j Below Minimum Balance Charges      
1 Saving Bank A/c Rs.50/-
(Minimum Balance to be maintained with Chequebook facility : Urban Branches Rs.500/- & Semi-Urban and Rural Rs.250/-)
(Minimum Balance to be maintained without Chequebook facility : Urban Branches Rs.250/- & Semi-Urban and Rural Rs.100/-)
For CC / Current A/c Rs.50/-
(Minimum Balance to be maintained with Chequebook facility : Urban Branches Rs.5000/- & Semi-Urban and Rural Rs.1000/-)
k Cash Deposit Charges NIL
l Shares Section
1 Transfer of Shares Per Share Certificate Rs.25/-
(Minimum Rs.50/- )
2 Surrender of Shares Nil
3 Duplicate Dividend Warrant Rs.25/-
4 Duplicate Share Certificate Rs.25/-
J RTGS Charges Per transaction Rs.50/-
 NEFT charges Per transaction Rs.50/-


a)  Inward Service Charge
b)  Outward
upto Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.5.00+18%GST
Rs.1Lakh- to Rs.5Lakh 15.00 +18%GST
Rs.2Lakh & Above 25.00 +18%GST



a)  Inward Service Tax
b)  Outward
Rs.2Lakh- to Rs.5Lakh Rs.25.00+18%GST
Rs.5,00,000/- & More


Rs.50.00 +18%GST


5) ATM Charges :

  1. a) NFS Charges :
    1. Financial Charges : Rs.20/- (Plus GST)
    2. Non Financial Charges : Rs.10/-(Plus GST)
  2. b) Annual Charges :
    1. Classical Card : Rs.100/- (Plus GST)
    2. Platinum Card : Rs.150/- (Plus GST)
  3. c) Lost Card : Rs.300/- (Plus GST)
  4. d) Re- Pin Charges Rs.50/-(Plus GST)

Certificate / Documentary Charges

1 Document Verification
ECS Mandates, Signature &  Address Varification Rs.50/-
2 Solvancy Certificate
upto Rs.25,000/- 100/-
Rs.25,001/- to Rs.1,00,000/- 250/-
Above Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.250/- + 100 per Lakh but not more than Rs.25,0000/-




3 No Dues certificate Rs.25/-
4 Loan Application form Rs.50/-
5 Loan Processing Charges
Loan upto Rs.50,000/- Rs.200/- +18%GST
Loan Rs.50,001/- to Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.500/- +18%GST
Loan above Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.500/- +  Rs.500/- per lakh. +18% GST
For CC renewal 50% of  above

Other Charges

1 Gold Loan Custody Charges (On gross weight) (Frequency  per quarter)
upto 2 5 gm Rs.15/-
Above 25 gm to 50 gm Rs.30/-
above 50 gm to 100 gm Rs.50/-
above 100 to 500 gm Rs.75/-
501 gm and above Rs.150/-
2 Locker Charges / Rent
a Locker Application form fee for all branch Rs.100/- per locker
b Penalty charges for delayed payment of locker rent
1 upto 6 months Rs.200/-
2 7 to 12 months Rs.250/- (Per month Rs.20/-
3 above 12 months Rs.500/-
4 Overdue locker rent notice charges Rs.10/- + Actual Postal Charges


  1. NFS Charges :
  2. Financial Charges : Rs.20/- (Plus GST)
  3. Non Financial Charges : Rs.10/-(Plus GST)
  4. Annual Charges :
  5. Classical Card : Rs.100/- (Plus GST)
  6. Platinum Card : Rs.150/- (Plus GST)
  7. Lost Card : Rs.300/- (Plus GST)
  8. Re- Pin Charges Rs.50/-(Plus GST)