Safe deposit vaults have loan been considered the safest place to store heirloom jewels, stock certificate, deeds and other valuable. Locker facility is generally not available at all branches of a bank. Locker facility is provided by the bank at its select branches. The lockers are allotted on first come first served basis. At the time of hiring the locker, bank will obtain a minimum-security deposit in the form of FDR from the lessee for the amount which would cover 3 years rent and the charges for breaking open the locker in case of such eventualities.

Lockers can be allotted individually as well as jointly.

You can plan your visit and access your locker on all working days during banking hours.

You can set a Standing Instruction in your Savings Account to pay your annual locker rent.a nomination facility is available to Individuals /Joint hirers of Safe Deposit Lockers.

The Locker holder is permitted to add or delete names from the list of persons who can operate the Locker or have access to it locker.

Loss of key is to be immediately informed to the base branch.

Nomination facility is available to Individuals /Joint hirers of Safe Deposit Lockers.

Sr. No. Particular Charges of Rs.0.00

(per locker)

1) Locker Application Fee Rs.100/-
2) Late fee for after due date of locker Rent
a)     Rent due upto 6 months Rs.300/-
b)     Rent due 7 months to 12 months Rs.350/-
c)     Rent due 12 months and above Rs.600/-


Locker Rent (+ GST extra)
Sr. No. Particular Rent
1 A 1200
2 B 1300
3 C 1500
4 D 1600
5 E 2000
6 F 2500
7 G 2700
8 H-I 2500
9 H 3000
10 L & L-II 5000
Sr. No. Type of Lockers Size of Lockers
1 A 4.50” X 5.12” X 20.37”
2 B 5.81” X 7.25” X 20.37”
3 C 4.50” X 12.93” X 20.37”
4 D 7.44” X 16.69” X 19.37
5 E 5.81” X 15.81” X 20.37”
6 F 12.37” X 10.25” X 20.37”
7 H 12.37” X 15.81” X 20.37”
8 H-1 7” X 12.37” X 20.37”
9 G 7” X 20” X 20.37”
10 L-I 7” X 19” X 20.37”
11 L 16” X 20” X 20.37”